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World Easter United Worship: “The true meaning of the resurrection…for justifying us”

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On Easter on April 4th, the ‘2021 World Easter United Worship’ was held hosted by the Christian Leaders Fellowship (CLF). The joint worship service is held online with on-site worship that complies with the government’s quarantine guidelines. The simultaneous interpretation of languages ​​(Korean, English, French, Chinese, Russian, Spanish) was broadcasted all over the world through Youtube.

 CLF, a global organization with 620,000 pastors from 100 countries, held an Easter Service with Christians from around the world for 4 days from the 1st to the 4th of April, commemorating the suffering and death of Jesus Christ on the cross and wishing for the resurrection of Christ. Easter joint worship was held to rejoice and give thanks for the resurrection of Christ.

 CLF President Pastor Youngguk Park (Good News New York Church) said, “Thank you Jesus Christ, who died on the cross for our sins and rose again after three days to justify us. Through Easter service, we can share the precious Gospel of the Lord. May you spread your truth to the world,” he said. “Jesus died from suffering on the cross and rose from death, but many are still under sin, condemnation, and guilt. May these words set them free from sin. I hope” he said.

Pastor Ock Soo Park, founder of CLF, the main lecturer of the Easter joint worship, emphasized the ‘true meaning of Christ’s resurrection’. He said, “Not many people know the true meaning of Jesus’ resurrection.” In addition, Romans 4:25 quotes, “Who was delivered for our offences, and was raised again for our justification.”

Representatives and leaders of denominations around the world 

Representatives and leaders from various countries took the lead in the 2021 World Easter United Worship, where Christians from around 100 countries participated. In particular, Ronald Harden, President of the Epic Seminary in the United States, Joaquin Pena, Bishop of the Church of God in the United States, Prince Mfi and Delamini Eswatini, Zoro Epiphan Balo, Minister of Citizenship Empowerment of Ivory Coast, Rigoberto Vega Alvarado, President of the Protestant Association of Costa Rica, Dmitry Pollyakov President of the Christian Evangelical Church Association of Russia, President of the Bethel Baptist Gospel Association of India Luther Chatla, the founder of the Gospel Church of the Redemption by Arthur Gitonga, and President of the BAF Pastors’ Association in Uganda, Joseph Seruwada. He said, “With the resurrection of Jesus Christ, we are justified and have eternal life.”  

Malawi Minister of Natural Resources Nancy Tembo said, “Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to give a congratulatory message to this important event. May the risen Christ bring abundant joy to you and all those you love.

Thomas Ferri, President of the Manassas branch of the International Gideon Association, said, “The lecturer pastor taught us that we were saved by the blood of Jesus, not our deeds.” Thank you for your ministry, the ministry of the lecturer, for reaching out to billions of people around the world and bringing people together for the gospel of Jesus Christ, and also for the opportunity to connect with members of Christ all over the world for my spiritual growth. “I am grateful to this meeting for what I have had.”

“I want you all to experience the power of Easter,” said Ahmed Kenneth Quarshie, President of the Independent Methodist Church in Ghana. It also means accepting and believing that we have been forgiven. Please remember that God has paid the penalty for all our sins. All we have to do is accept it by faith and be forgiven.”

 Dmitry Polyakov, President of the Russian Federation of Christ, said, “It is a great honor to greet Christians all over the world at the Easter United Worship. Also, we are grateful for the victory of the cross that Jesus Christ gave us all. CLF is spreading the light of the Gospel to the whole world despite numerous difficulties and obstacles. May you spread the light of the Gospel vigorously to places where this Gospel has not yet reached, so that this light will shine in the hearts of people wherever you are. I hope” he said. 

 India Bethel Baptist Gospel Association President Luther Prasanth Kumar Chatla said, “Jesus Christ has done everything we have to do to save our lives on the cross. What the Lord has done on the cross is not only in salvation but also in the redemption of this world. He made it possible to escape. As a result, we have eternal life with joy,” he said. 

Gracias Choir Sub-Section Cantata

Along with Pastor Ock Soo Park’s Easter message, the Gracias Choir’s Easter concert and cantata were spread around the world through 265 broadcasters around the world.
▲North America-129 broadcasting channels including FOX TV in the United States 
▲Latin America-57 broadcasting companies in 16 countries in Central and South America including Enlace, which has 120 million viewers in the Spanish-speaking world
▲Russian-speaking-Russia’s leading Christian broadcasting TBN and Ukraine Christian broadcasting CNL
▲Europe -Hungary PAX TV and Sola Radio, Germany Munich Christian Radio CRM 92.4, Switzerland Auftanken TV
▲Africa-Kenya’s largest broadcasting company Citizen TV and Kenya GBS, 12 broadcasting stations, Malawi GBS, Rwanda state broadcasting RTV and ISANGO TV
▲Asia-India Schvar Da TV, National Odiya National Broadcasting Station and 58 broadcasting stations

Gracias Choir Easter Cantata Scene

The Gracias Choir, recognized as a world-renowned choir, won the world’s leading international choirs, such as the Marktoberdorf International Choir Competition in Germany, the Riva del Garda International Choir Competition in Italy, and the Montreux International Choir Festival in Switzerland. .

In particular, the Easter Cantata, which was shown online at 7 p.m. on the 4th of Easter, is a performance specially produced by the choir for Easter, with the theme of Were you there?, the suffering and death of Jesus Christ on the cross, and focusing on the resurrection, Peter and the people who were there at the time were evaluated as “containing the true meaning of the resurrection of Jesus Christ” by viewers around the world by expressing realistically the hearts of the people who were there.

Bonifas of Kenya, who watched the cantata, expressed, “The music of the Gracias Choir is a special music that cannot be compared with any other music, and the more I listen to it, the more it brings joy and hope to my soul.”

Worldwide Easter United Worship viewers

People from all over the world participated in the Easter joint worship service through YouTube and national broadcast media. Participants welcomed Easter and said, “Through the death and resurrection of Christ, all of their sins were washed away and made righteous.”

Pastor Atula Masa of Denmark said, “I was grateful that Pastor Park’s words were so evangelical and biblical,” and said, “There are no people or churches who preach the gospel like this in Denmark, and this gospel is essential here.” He said, “Through the Easter meeting, Pastor Ock Soo Park showed us how Jesus washed all our sins forever, how perfect we are before God, and showed us the assurance of salvation.”

Marius of Germany said, “To accept the Word of God as it is, I knew that I had to abandon myself, and to abandon myself I had to realize that I was wrong.” It is amazing and grateful that it is so easy to be saved.”

Pastor Ramón Muñoz Ramirez of God’s Pentecostal International Mission Church in Puerto Rico said, “I am deeply grateful to Pastor Ock Soo Park and the Gracias Choir for presenting Easter services throughout Puerto Rico.” I am grateful for commemorating the victory that experienced the resurrection and the resurrection of the Savior who loves us, and we are clearly justified.”

Samantha of Guatemala said, “Jesus couldn’t save a woman caught in adultery by the law. So Jesus wrote on the earth, which is a new covenant in our hearts. God forgives our sins, and that sins. He said he doesn’t remember. Jesus paid the price for our sins. Jesus was resurrected and came into our hearts.”

“Through Pastor Ock Soo Park, I was able to understand the true meaning of resurrection. The words that the pastor conveyed were the gospel and the heart of God,” said Eva Quispe, a Baptist church in Peru. I had to die on the cross, but God gave me great love and mercy for me freely, and He revealed the mystery of eternal forgiveness of sins and rebirth.”

Kenya’s Elizabeth said, “By the death of Jesus, I learned that my sins were washed away, and that the veil of the sanctuary was torn in two, so that I was sanctified and justified. By faith in this, I have the hope that I can go to heaven at any time. He said, “In Hebrews 10:14, God made those who were sanctified with one sacrifice forever perfect, and in Hebrews 9:11 and 12 he said that we cannot save us with any blood other than the blood of Jesus. That is why Jesus ended our sins once and for all. Now we must stop listening to my thoughts and hear what the Bible says about my sins.”

Philippines’ Inspiration Publishing Co. JULIET CAROLINO, the author of the publishing house, said, “When Jesus came to me, I could have life. In order to obtain eternal life, I need a Savior who will work for us. Only Jesus died on the cross, and His death on the cross. Through blood we can have eternal life,” he said. 

Nam Min-young, who lives in Seoul, said, “I thought Easter is one of the annual events of the year, but after hearing the pastor’s words, I learned that Jesus died on the cross for all my sins and rose to justify me,” he said. “I thank God.”

Mr. Kim Yang-rye of Gwangmyeong, Gyeonggi Province, said, “I am grateful to the Lord who was stabbed and whipped for the sins of a person like me, and to the church who shared the Gospel. I praise the resurrected Jesus.”

Kim Hee-jin of Kim Hae rejoiced, “I have tried to live a good life by considering myself as a sinner, but through this Easter meeting, I knew that it was God who justified us and that believing in the Word means believing in God.”

Mr. Si-Kyung Kim of Gwangju said, “30 years ago, I have searched all religions for the truth according to the word, ‘The truth will set you free.’ As I realized that, the Gospel came true,” he said. “It is so clear and amazing that the blood of Jesus washed away all sins at once through Easter worship, and overcame sin and death.”

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