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Why do Filipino women want to marry men from Western countries

There are many reasons why some Filipino women may be interested in marrying men from Western countries such as Australia, the United States, the...

Filipino food is ‘bland’ and the ‘worst in the region’

If you want to pick a fight with Filipinos, try criticizing them about their food. Take for instance Tom Pepinsky’s tweet placing Filipino food...

Filipino street food features on new Netflix show

Netflix’s new show ‘Street Food: Asia’ which debuted on April 26, 2019 ventures into the street food culture and what goes on behind the...

6 myths about emotional support animals

Forget what you know about emotional support animals (ESA), because the ESA mythbusters are here, reporting for duty! It's been a long while since...

To be Small is to be Radical

A few years ago, after coming across the writings of Benedictine abbess Christine Valters Paintner I started the Word of the Year practice. This...

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