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Canadian filmmaker releases documentary film about street kids in the Phillipines

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“Beyond Strength is about knowing you can make a difference, all you have to do is believe…”

It was a journey that changed Niki Norlock’s life. And now she is using that journey to change the lives of others. Changing lives isn’t new to Niki – it’s actually something she knows a lot about. Norlock, an author and health blogger, who also works one on one with clients helping them to find and a maintain a healthy physical and emotional balance in their lives is often told that she changes lives wherever she goes.

With the release of BEYOND STRENGTH, a true passion project born of Niki’s need to make the lives of all those she meets better, happier, healthier – she’s managed to do just that – on a larger scale than ever before.

BEYOND STRENGTH, a touching, dynamic film that grabs the viewer by the heart in its early moments and doesn’t let go, bringing you on an emotional journey with more than one message – but an undeniable one is that – you can get through it, and you can make a difference. For yourself, and for others.

That’s as true of those that the film is about as it is of the filmmaker

BEYOND STRENGTH is a testament to its subjects – it was their example and inspiration that drew Niki to become a film producer just to tell the world their story.

Norlock also shared writing duties with Director Lucien Noe (based in Germany). BEYOND STRENGTH” comes from Niki’s discovery of a group of a remarkable group of Filipino children living, learning and growing together in a Children’s Home in Metro Manila.

The film follows the journey of one young man, Daniel San Jose, who willingly shares his story in the hopes that it will inspire action in others and shed light on the desperate plight of some 250,000 children living in the streets of Manila, Philippines.

The film explores the potential for not just survival but for children to thrive when connected with and supported by organizations like those highlighted in the film. The movie began as a way to raise awareness and inspire others by focusing on the talents and the inner strength of these children; the filmmaker’s drive comes from the belief that sharing their story with others may open hearts and minds to all the possibilities that life has to offer.

This touching documentary has a running time of one hour and one minute.

In a different way, the film is Norlock’s story, too.

The movie is the culmination of what was a long personal journey for Niki – both literally and figuratively.

“I was in the Philippines working on another project when I stumbled upon this amazing group of young people who altered how I looked at life,” she says. “There’s an innate strength in these people, and a unique capacity for love and forgiveness that forever changed how I interact with the world around me. I felt compelled to tell their story, even though at the time I had no idea how I was going to make that happen.”

And make it happen she did. “It took the combined efforts of a lot of passionate people to create this film, but in the end, even though we may have done the work, it doesn’t belong to us, it never belonged to us. This is their story, it always has been, we were just blessed to be a part of the telling of it.”

The theme song is as striking as the film itself and stands alone as a potential hit. When asked what his message is, the songwriter, Anthony Tilotta, says, “We’ve been held to the ground – but we learned to RISE.”

View the Beyond Strength Music Video Teaser by Anthony Tilotta:

Part of the proceeds for the sale of this single and the film will go back to support the organizations highlighted in the film.

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Official trailer

First Peek Teaser

Second Teaser

Third Teaser

Featurette 1

Get the movie at http://beyondstrengthmovie.com/

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