China has been known for producing cheap imitation products of popular brands. However, it still came as a surprise when even a popular fast food restaurant did not escape the ingenuity of a Chinese entrepreneur.

Recently, a food outlet in China became a viral topic on social media when Facebook user Christopher Guzman posted a video of JoyRulBee which looks identical to Filipino fast food chain, Jollibee.

Guzman is among the 12,000 overseas Filipinos in mainland China. On his FB post, he said that in 10 years that he has been living in China, this is the first time that he has seen this JoyRulBee. 

Guzman and his wife dined in to try the Chinese hamburger place and observed that the items in the menu also looked similar to the original Jollibee menu.

Guzman said, “Bilang Pinoy, siyempre batang Jollibee pa rin tayo”. (As Filipinos, we grew up eating Jollibee. So, I would still prefer Jollibee, of course).

As shown in the video, the China-based food outlet’s store front has the same logo similar to Jollibee’s popular bee mascot. and menu as the original Jollibee restaurant. Even the counters, display and the menu inside the restaurant looks like a Jollibee outlet, except the texts are in Chinese.

Guzman said that he took some pictures and videos of it because he was surprised to see his favorite Filipino fast-food restaurant in China.

The photos and videos have since gone viral and did not go unnoticed by Philippine media.

ABS-CBN and GMA News both reported that Jollibee Foods Corp said it was “taking steps” to protect its trademark rights after a photo of a fast food outlet in China with a similar store design went viral on social media. 

JoyRulBee has been brought to the attention of Jollibee even before the post went viral, the Filipino fastfood giant’s assistant vice president for Brand, Communications, PR and Digital Marketing Arline Adeva said in a statement.

“Our legal team has been taking the necessary steps in order to protect and uphold our company’s trademark rights as what is provided for under the law,” she said.


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