Sky News UK made boo-boo by incorrectly introducing Lea Salonga


In a July 5 episode, Sunrise host Stephen Dixon of SkyNews UK has mistakenly introduced international singer Lea Salonga as environmental campaigner Anna Hughes.

“Now, would you be prepared to give up flying for a whole year to help the planet? The flight free campaign wants us to do just like that. It wants 100,000 people to promise to give up flying for 2020. And, one of those asking us to do that will be doing it herself, is environmental campaigner Anna Hughes. Good morning to you,” said Dixon reading from a prompter.

Salonga, the Filipino legendary singer, then quickly clarified she was not Hughes and apologized for the news anchor’s awkward blunder.

“I am not Anna Hughes. I am sorry I don’t know what’s going on. No, I am not Anna Hughes. I am sorry about that,” the Filipina theater legend said.

Realizing the mix-up, Dixon was quick to say that he knew Salonga and was confused why the singing voice of Princess Jasmine in the 1992 original animated version of “Aladdin” did not want to fly for a year.

The news anchor’s gaffe was one of the trending topics on social media including this one:

Despite the awkward mistake during Salonga’s introduction, the interview went well.

Salonga was a guest to promote her first solo headline tour dubbed “the Original Miss Saigon Returns” in the United Kingdom.


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